5 Tips For Laughing Them Into Bed.

It’s no secret that women love a man that can make them laugh, when asked what they find most attractive in a partner, humour is usually at the top of their potential shag tick-list.

So what does it take to tickle more than just her funny bone?

Play It Cool

You need that air of confidence when making a woman laugh. Should you crack a joke that comes across as awkward and unnatural, you’re more likely to make her cringe than twinge. Let the jokes flow with the conversation; you don’t need to throw in your best one-liner when you’re deep in a serious discussion, but in the right situation a small quip may enhance the point that you’re trying to make or brighten an otherwise gloomy topic.

It’s Not All About The One-Liners

A good crude pun is great but hammering them out over and over can become tedious. Aim to be playful much of the time you are conversing with her by poking fun whether at yourself or her. Tread carefully, when choosing what subject to comically broach, while you may think that her lady lumps are oh-so-sexy and you just want to lick, suck and place every square inch of your body’s surface area on it, this doesn’t mean that she sees it in such a positive light. Dropping in that her ‘podge is simply more sexy cushion for the pushin’ may land you in hot water and touch a raw nerve of hers.

How Up For A Laugh She Is Really?

Gah, before you even start to worry about whether she’s faking orgasms you have to decipher whether that laughter is a genuine involuntary response to your favourite stand-up show or one which she has purposefully summoned to trick you into thinking she really does find it hilarious. Does she laugh but only when you do? If so then perhaps she’s not on the same comical page as you and your chuckling is a cue for her to laugh also, her being oblivious otherwise as to what is humorous from what is a paint-drying level of boring.

By asking her what her idea of knee-slapping comedy is, you can cater your own gags according to these tastes, so hopefully, you will both be slapping more than just your knees after not too long!

Playfully Tease Her

Women go weak at the knees for a bit of flirtatious cockiness, so if you know how to tease her in a playful, casual way, she will dropping to her knees before you know it. Never make her feel insecure by insulting or criticising her, if you mention her appearance, always make it a compliment, like how she blushes when you say something naughty or how she is ‘obviously’ trying to make you horny by how sexy she looks.

Make Fun Of Yourself

A vital part of getting to know one another and creating a bond is sharing our life stories, and we usually have plenty to share, some more than others are appropriate to share at the beginning of a hookup. Most women claim to feel an instant attraction to a confident man who doesn’t take himself too seriously, so if you want to open up to a woman, start by keeping it light. Share your most hilarious stories, make fun of your own stupidity but lay off the drama until you’ve laughed her knickers off at least a few times.

Don’t Laugh At Your Own Humor

Don’t you just hate it, when people are telling you something, but they are ruining it because they are laughing so much they can’t get their words out? It’s so annoying, and no matter how funny it might be, it has the opposite effect. If you do it, you will come off looking like a fool and blow whatever funny story you had going, and it sure isn’t making her wet. Take a chill pill, laugh a little and reveal the story, if it’s too hilarious save it for another day.

Have Respect

The way you joke around with your mates isn’t going to work with a woman you’re trying to bed. When trying to impress, the last thing you should be sharing with her is your previous hookup antics gone wrong or banging on about all the stupid shit you and your mates get up too. Get to know her, tease her little quirks, laugh at her jokes and stories, let her tease you back.

If she has the hots for you then the conversation and laughs will come easy, just remember to keep it natural and nail it with confidence.

Share your best one-liner in the comments below 😉


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