Why So Many Men Love A Larger Luscious Figure

Not every man is attracted to societies manipulated idea of the “perfect” female body. Magazines, online article, even clothing stores have created an unrealistic belief of what an “attractive” and “normal” figure should be. Displaying stunning models with washboard abs, legs for days and perky double D breasts, that simply isn’t a realistic representation of everyday women.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all have our individual “perfect” partner preferences, so this article is not a voice for everyone, but the truth is; there is no such thing as a perfect figure.

It is completely and utterly a personal preference, and with that, we have some news for you.

MEN LOVE BBW (big beautiful women) and here is why!

They Are Softer

Women with a big of body fat tend to be a lot softer to touch and feel. Men are usually the dominant ones in the relationship. They love a soft feminine type figure to come home to every night. Most men want someone to cuddle up to; they don’t want sharp elbows and bones sticking out. This is why many men prefer BBW because there is more to hold onto, they feel softer, and they make the best-spooning partners.

Bigger Boobs and Butts

The two parts of the female body that men are generally most attracted too are boobs and butts. Men just love them! They love looking at them, touching them and fantasising about them. Curvy women have more of both. They have great boobs and fantastic butts. Men love to have something to grab, something to bite into when having sex and generally something to look at.

They Aren’t Afraid of Rough Sex

Sometimes it is nice to rough it up a bit in the bedroom and try things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Big beautiful women usually prefer things to be a little rougher in the bedroom. They are curvy, so they aren’t hurt as easily. Most like to be bitten, grabbed and have harder sex. Men love not having to worry about hurting the other person, and BBW are better at rougher sex, so for men who have this fetish then big and beautiful are the best match.

What is it that you find so attractive about lusty larger ladies? Let us know in the comments below.


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