5 Signs a Girl Secretly Wants You

Sign #1: She Likes Being Alone With You

First of all, if she likes being alone with you, it’s a sign of interest. If she WEREN’T interested, she’d find excuses to get away from you, such as “having to meet someone” or “having to get back to my friends.”


Sign #2: She Readily Rides With You

If she takes this pose then it is ON.

When you own a car and you offer her a ride, and she readily says “yes,” then you can bet it’s on her mind – sex, that is.

It’s been a TV trope for decades – when a girl hops into a guy’s car, something “forbidden” is bound to happen. The more readily she hops into yours, the more excited she is at the possibility. Don’t disappoint her!


Sign #3: She Asks About Your Place

You should introduce her to your kitchen top.

Pay attention for when she asks about your place and living arrangements. If she particularly asks about whether you live with anyone else, that’s a clear sign she wants you.

She might lose interest if she realizes you live with roommates or (worse) your parents. But if you tell her you live on your own, and she perks up at the idea, be sure to invite her to check out your place sometime – she’ll jump on the invitation!

Sign #4: She Tells You She’s Single

The 4th sign she wants you is:

  • When she tells you she’s single
  • When she talks about her “bad ex-boyfriends”
  • When she talks about how hard it is to find “real men” these days
  • When she sings along to sad love songs

What she’s doing is DROPPING HINTS. She’s hoping that you’ll pick up and give her what she really wants… without her having to say it out loud.

Think she’s just ranting? Think again – girls rant about a lot of things, but they rarely rant about their love lives to a guy they’ve just met.

And lastly:

Sign #5: She Asks if You’re Taken

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