Colour Up Your Sex Life With These Artistically Amorous Ideas.


Is your sex life feeling a little drab and grey? Wouldn’t it be great if you could make it more colourful with something as simple as, well…paint? Bodypainting is an art performed around the world; it’s also a rather sexy thing to introduce to your bedroom antics. The human body is a fantastic canvas, and you can make a naked torso even more interesting by getting all artsy and creative!

Not The Cream Carpet!

Firstly and most importantly, check that you’re not allergic to anything! Anaphylactic shock, sore, red skin and/or a trip to A&E is never sexy. As you’ve already gathered, this could get messy, and a decent preparation is essential to avoid an unwanted decoration of your house. The Art Attack splats here, and there is never a good look on an otherwise average-looking interior. Place down old sheets or bin-liners on anything you might eventually roll or drip on.

Lick Of Paint

Now for your materials that will create your colourful, tasty, human masterpiece! The paints you use can be specified for this purpose, and then they can also be food, bonus! If you want to use food, think about the textures, smells and colours as they’re mish-mashed into one tasty concoction all over your bodies coupled with bodily fluids as things get more intense. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries and jams are always a great choice for smothering yourselves in as they’re vibrant as well as smelling and tasting great!. Last, of all, pick your tools. Paintbrushes are obviously good for getting the paint on there, but you need to think about how they will feel against the skin, so feathers and your fingers are great also.

Creating Your Master Piece

Think about how you want to go ahead with your kinky artiness, do you want to simply have sex on a canvas to create your own feature artwork for your bedroom wall? What about covering each other’s bodies in edible paint and getting tongue happy with each other? Put your minds together to get messy and create your very own frisky artwork.

So there you go, perhaps you will be the next Matisse of the naked variety or maybe even a pornographic Picasso. Get your creative juices flowing and spice up your sex life with a spot of colour!


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