From catfishing to Covid cuffing, a dating dictionary of the last decade

This year has been many things: but did you know it marks a decade since the start of the millennial’s online dating revolution? That’s right.

Catfishing – 2010
Friends with benefits – 2011

it’s everyday parlance for a sexual but not romantic relationship – and usually, a saga that ends in one liking the other and a complete breakdown of the friendship. Only usually.

British Mature Sex

Sex Contacts dates – 2012

Revolutionising the dating scene, Real Sex Contacts turned the complicated process of meeting someone IRL and just seeing where things go into a swiping-frenzied game of matching – a game in which the winner can be rewarded by anything from a casual one night stand to a long and happy marriage. After Real Sex Contacts, we never looked back.

Netflix and chill – 2014

Ghosting – 2015

Of course, all this advancement in dating tech has to have a downside. And it’s this – the ease in which you can, after three successful dates and one brief shag, pretend you never existed and drop off the face of the earth. Easy, yes – but kind to your date, no. Just tell them you’re not sensing a spark and save all the heartache, please.

F*ckboys – 2016

Cuffing season – 2017

Cuffing season is the period of time in which people begin to look for someone with whom they can spend the winter months. Some of them join Secret Affairs.

Micro-cheating – 2018

Free online dating – 2020

Intimate Matches


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