How Summer Became the Season of Sex.

There is a large body of research that reveals dating, mating and sex does indeed follow an annual cycle, with valleys in the spring and fall, and peaks in summer and winter.

The reason summer is prime for cheating, according to The New York Post, which reported on the study, is that sun exposure increases levels of serotonin, making people happier and more confident. In many cases, this alone can influence a person’s decision to seek extramarital affairs and feel less guilty about it. Obviously, this scientific reasoning doesn’t just explain cheating, but a heightened proclivity for sex as well.

“In the warmer months, people are wearing less clothing,” Paul Nelson, clinical sexologist at Maze Men’s Health, tells Real Sex Contacts. “While a woman looks stunning in a business suit, the same woman wearing a sundress is simply going to elicit more of a sensual response from her partner. The bare shoulders, bare arms, short skirts, are all going to lead to more erotic thoughts for many men, who also wear less clothing. And I think the obvious erotic connection with bathing suits goes without saying.”

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