Meet ups on Real British Sex.

Just got stood up. Should I still go out on a date if he asks me?

I matched with a guy on REAL BRITISH SEX and we have been texting for a week on dating site.. He seems like a nice guy. Replies on time. Doesn’t keep me waiting. Asks about my day, etc. He was on a road trip and just returned yesterday. We had originally planned on meeting tomorrow but he insisted that we meet yesterday after he reaches the city. He confirmed that we were still meeting yesterday in the evening after he reached. So, I left work early and reached the cafe where we had decided to meet. I text him to ask if he has left from home and he replies saying that he fell asleep. I tell him that I will wait for him to come. A few minutes later he sends a voice message saying that he’s very tired and won’t be coming after all. He wants to sleep. I was upset because

  1. It he who insisted that we meet up on the same day after I finish work. sayin that he is excited to meet me. Although we had originally planned for tomorrow. I only agreed because he kept repeating that he couldn’t wait to meet me

  2. He just ditched me after I was already there and had taken the time and effort to reach there on time

I feel disrespected. I’m considering just telling him that we should probably not meet up at all? Am I overreacting? I think I should go back on REAL BRITISH SEX and look for more horny people.

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