Minimal Effort Sex Positions Guaranteed To Get Pulses Racing

There are plenty of sex positions which are less strenuous and energy-intensive but still make you orgasm to kingdom cum. Hot sex isn’t always about high energy – sometimes taking a lazier approach can get you off just as good.

So if you’re lazy and also feeling horny, these positions will give you the most orgasms with the least amount of effort.


A good old classic! Both of you lie on your sides, facing the same direction. Have your partner lift their top leg, while you enter them from behind. Once you’re in, lower their leg and pull their butt closer to your crotch. Take turns being the one in charge of the movement. You can tease each other by seeing how slow you can go, or by seeing how small you can keep your movements.

Lazy Factor: Both of you get to relax in this super comfy position, slowly grinding away.


While sitting up, with your legs crossed or outstretched, have your partner straddle facing you, and lower themselves onto your penis. Have them sit on your lap, with their legs wrapped around your body. Your partner can slowly grind into you as your hands are free to roam her body. For added intensity, try pushing deeper into your partner and keeping eye contact as you do.

Lazy Factor: You can’t move around that much in this position, which makes it great for lazy sex. Fortunately, even the most subtle grinding can feel great.

Side 69

Lay on your sides, facing each other, but with the classic 69 head-to-toe orientation. Your partner’s head should be in your crotch region, and their head should be in yours. Both of you can go to town on each other with your mouths and hands.

Lazy Factor: Traditional 69 can be tough for the partner on top. You’re precariously balanced in the air, trying to focus on giving, receiving, and not falling over. This version is much easier on both parties.

Mutual Masturbation

For the ultimate laziness, why not focus on your own pleasure rather than someone else’s. Lay down in bed together and do your thing as you normally would when you’re on your own!

Lazy Factor: Most of us already have our lazy masturbation routines down to a T. This position requires minimal effort, but it’s something that not a ton of people do, so it will still feel novel and exciting!

Sofa Doggy

Who says you have to get off the sofa to…well get off? While sitting on the sofa have your partner learn over the armrest with their knees still on the cushions. On your knees, enter them from behind. The perfect positions to throw yourselves into when the horny moments hit watching a film.

Lazy Factor: You’re essentially doing it on top of one of the cushiest surfaces in your home.

Lazy sex can often turn into some of the hottest sexcapades. What is your favourite lazy position? Do you prefer high energy sex or do you appreciate a slower session?




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