Sex Expert: Gentleman’s Guide To Hookups


Every person on earth has his/her own definition of sex. Somebody puts in this word a lot of personal stuff – from love to a presented flower.

However, sometimes sex is just sex – with no commitment, strings attached and no emotional bonds. And not all men who come to hookups are players – some are just playboys, and they know the limits. While players cheat around and get to women by lying, playboys get what they want by telling the truth.

And they tell it in a special way – gently. Here are a few tips for you to become a true gentleman-hookup-guru.

Refuse that last drink

She definitely won’t be impressed with the drunk sex that you offer her after those extra classes of whiskey. Sure you will be able to charge and get on a drive. You will even get your self-confidence skyrocket.

However, the entire night will be a total disaster. You “whiskey dick” will be unlikely to get to right spots and keep up with the rhythm. So be a gentleman – drink enough but not too much.

Avoid behaving creepily

There’s a misbelief that good girls love bad boys. Hence some of the males try to act sleazy and creepy to get a woman in their bed. But creepy is creepy. Make sure the girl trusts you, so do her friends. Otherwise, she won’t come alone to your place.

Don’t make her feel uncomfortable

And keep this in mind from the moment you look at her. Be smooth. Don’t go straightforward inviting her for “sex” at “your place.” There are other things you can tell her (even such clichés as “let’s drink some coffee” or “watch a movie”). Some ladies feel judged or cheap if a man offers them sex in public. So don’t walk on a razor’s edge – you may lose it all.

Be a leader

That doesn’t mean you should be pushy but initiative. Ladies love such guys as it makes them feel protected. Finally, it is just HOT.

No evidence of other girls

It’s clear that hookup relationships aren’t serious for anybody, but if a girl spots in the corner of your room another lady’s underwear, it can drive her crazy. Despite tidying your room, you should also make sure you do not mention your experience with other partners.

Be patient

She will need some time, so give it to her. And don’t think it’s you who is going to convince her to come with you. She will have decided on her own.

Make her feel special

Yes, no commitments, but… if you remain too cold, she might feel like you have used her. Involve some emotions and brilliant experience, make your one-night stand personal and she will remember you for the rest of your life (before having a bright orgasm for sure).

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