Tips For Setting Your Bedroom’s Tone For Maximum Horniness.


The bedroom is a place for the two S’s: Sleep and sex. It’s your private sanctuary to relax and unwind, but as it is also the main place where you can fuck senselessly, uninterrupted.

We often hear about decorating a bedroom to make it feel more calming, but who says a bedroom should be just about sleep? Why not set your bedroom up to create an atmosphere that enhances the horniness even before the lights go out?

Check out our top tips to add a kinky vibe to your bedroom.

Create Privacy

Great sex and sleep, for that matter, require you to let go and let go in the moment. That is not going to happen if all you can think about is whether the other people in your house can hear your bed (or you!) banging. If you’re invested in your sex life, you should invest in some soundproofing for your room by adding a large rug for any hard flooring under your bed as well as a good lock for your door. This can mean reducing the number of hard surfaces in the room, getting a good, thick rug for under the bed or even adding sound-proofing panels to the wall. If you prefer to get rowdy while you’re getting it on, do what you have to do to make yourself feel comfortable enough to let loose. Bonus: A quieter room can make for better sleep when you’re done!

Play “Sex Music” At low Volume.

Music and sex both tap into very primal parts of our brain, which is why the two go so well together. It might sound like it has the potential to be cheesy… but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. The right music can add a whole new swagger to your mattress mambo. Create a playlist of songs that make you feel the sexiest. Sexy R&B? Old school rock? Melodic dubstep? Whatever floats your boat.

A Big Mirror

Having a mirror near your bed or if you’re risque enough, have one fitted to your ceiling is an incredibly hot way to view your own live action porno. Test out new positions and enjoy the expressions of pleasure on each other’s faces.

Mood Lighting

Lighting has shown to have a huge impact on mood. So, settle the old-age argument between “light on” or “lights off” with a dimmer switch. Soft lighting creates a sexy shade over your body so any lumps and bumps you want hidden won’t be illuminated by a bright light, while still being able to see your playmate enjoying a pounding.

Good Bedding

Cheap, rough or pilled sheets are not sexy. They aren’t even comfortable in between sexy times, so why have them in your bedroom, the spot that should be the most comfortable in your home? It’s worth splurging on a set of good quality satin or 100% cotton sheets that feel good against your skin. If you wanted to take things to a kinker level, invest in a PVC sheet set because let’s face it, the dirtier the sex, the messier it is.

What extras would you add to your bedroom boudoir to make it feel sexy? Let us know in the comments below.

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